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(Drama CD) Hetalia x Sleep by Sheep Counting CD Volume 1 Translation Complete!

Or Veneziano and Romano lull you to sleep.

Link to the first 3 Counting Sheep CD's. (Thanks again, talon_strike ,for uploading them!)

Woohoo, Volume one complete! Only 7 more left!

Gotta say, I never expected a real drama CD to come out of these things when word got out that this was being made. I thought it would be just like the bonus tracks in the CD (the personal counts one). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that that was not the case.

Anyways, Veneziano and Romano try to help each other fall asleep, insomnia starts popping up all over the world, and Veneziano and Romano do a personal count for you to fall asleep pretty much describes the CD!

The entire transcript of the CD is just below! Enjoy!

Here's the DL for the entire volume. If you want to use my translation, for any reason, all I ask is that you credit me. Otherwise, go nuts!

Track 1: "I can't take my siesta!"

Ita: Honeybee CD Collection!

Roma: Hetalia x Sleeping by Counting Sheep Series Volume 1!

Brothers: "Good Night and Sweet Siestas!"

Italy: Veee~

Italy: Ve, Ve, Veee...

Romano: Hey, you little punk! I'm talking to you, rotten Veneziano!

Romano: Quit groaning in the garden, you jerk! You're gonna scare the squirrels into biting your ass!

Italy: Big bro! Wh-what should I do!? Help me!

Romano: No way! I'm not gonna listen to a single letter you say! I'm just going to pretend you don't exist
and take my siesta!

Italy: My siesta is what I need help in! I'm begging you, brother! Help me here!

Romano: Stop it! I'm not helping! Why don't you go whine to that potato-loving bastard, jerk!

Italy: Uuuu, uuuu~! BROTHER!

Romano: I'll give you three seconds of my time.

Romano: One, two, three! Italy: Hooray! Nice one, brothe-

Romano: Oh look, time's up! Not listening to you anymore! Arrivederci!

Italy: Big brother!

Romano: Naaah. Naaah. NAAAAAAAAHHH!

Italy: Ohh, come on brother! I'm really... really... *sob sob*

Italy: Brother! BROTHER!

Romano: Shut up already!

Italy: S-Sorry... don't get angry at me, Brother...

Romano: *exasperated sighs* So, what's the problem?

Italy: The truth is... it's time for my siesta and I can't sleep a wink!

Romano: Huh? You're lying, cazzo!

Italy: What should I do, big bro? Help me!

Romano: You probably slept early or something yesterday because there were no girls for you to hit on for once.

Italy: Nope. Everything was normal yesterday.

Romano: Then why can't you sleep?

Italy: I don't know either! That's why I'm worried!

Romano: Why don't you just lie down and close your eyes for now. Don't open your eyes until I say so!
You should fall asleep during that time. Bye now!

Italy: Wait, big bro! Hold on! Stomp!

Romano: Woah! What the hell are you doing!?

Italy: I did do that at first too and it's always worked before! But it isn't working at all now!

Romano: How about you get a bullet shot from that potato-eater? I bet that'll knock you out!

Italy: If I do that, I'm afraid I'm going to get a one-way ticket straight to where Grandpa Rome is!

Italy: Ohh~, the siesta's going to end at this rate! If I can't have my siesta, I'm going to die!

Romano: Oh no you won't!

*Italy vee cry*

Romano: Stop screwing with me! Here's an idea! Why don't you just get drunk with that potato-eater until it's midnight
and go around town like a drunk bozo, damn it!

Romano: I'm not like that England ba-

Romano: Oh wait, he's not sleeping now. Let's see... Mr. England.

Romano: I'm not like Mr. England! I can't just use magic to help you so don't rely on me! Got that, my stupid little brother?

Italy: Oh, You can help me without using magic! I just remembered that I heard a good way to fall asleep a while back!

Romano: Oh? A good way?

Italy: Yup! When you can't get to sleep, they say sheep counting helps you fall asleep! When you're busy counting the sheep, they say you'll get
tired and fall straight to sleep!

Romano: Wait a minute! Who told you about this counting stuff?

Italy: Well, when I was talking with Japan and Germany a while back, Germany said-

Romano: I won't do anything that potato-loving BASTARD SAYS!

Italy: Brother, I've been in an alliance with that potato guy for a while now, you know! Don't get so angry, brother!
Germany's a really nice guy!

Romano: Shut up! There's no way in hell I'll approve any method you heard from that bastard!

Italy: No way... I really can't fall asleep. I'm on my knees, big brother! You have to help me here!

Romano: HELL! NO! BRO!

Italy: WAAAH! Big bro! Please, brother! Vee! Veeeeeveveveveveveeeeveeeeveeee!

Romano: Hey! Let go of me!

Italy: Veeee... Veeeveeeveeeuuuuhhhh...

Romano: LET! GO! OF! ME!

Italy: Veeeeeeeeee! VeeeeeuuuuuuuuhhhhhH!

Romano: Tch, Damn it!

Italy: Veee! Veeeveveveveveveveveveveve.

Romano: Oh fine, I get it! I'll count for you so let go of me!

Italy: Woah, really? You'll really count sheep for me?

Romano: *pant pant* Yes...I will... I'll count them for you....

Italy: Hooray! Thank you so much, big bro!

Romano: Damn it.

Italy: Sheepy sheep~, sheepy sheep~, baa~!

Romano: I've got no choice now. I'm starting!

Track 2: "I'm counting now, ya jerk!"

*Counts until 0:50. Counts 10 sheep.*

Italy: Ve? You all right, big bro?

Romano: Your face is so damn annoying now that I want to beat it up, damn it!

Italy: Ve!? *pause* Vehehehe~.

Romano: What's with that look on your face? You said you wanted me to count!

Italy: It's just that as I imagine the sheep jumping over the fence, they look like they might trip when they land!

Romano: And I guess they do that because of the way I count?

Italy: Umm...Umm...

Romano: Damn it, I do all this counting and I get treated like this?! Doing all of this is really embarrassing for me,
you know! I'm going to continue counting now so you'd better fall asleep and you're going to buy me some gelato
when you wake up!

Italy: O-Okay. Wait, don't make any demands now!

*Counts until 2:20. Counts 20 sheep.*

Italy: Wow! You're amazing, big bro! I'm starting to feel all sleepy-like now!

Romano: I take it that means I get 2 gelato for my counting?

Italy: I'll buy you gelato after this! Hehehe! Germany's really good at counting sheep too!
When I heard about this method from him, I asked him to count just a bit for me-

Romano: Don't talk about that potato-loving bastard!

Italy: Eeeek! I-I'm sorry! Why do you get so angry when I mention him? Germany's a really nice guy!

Romano: I just can't like that jerk. He's rough, scary, and all muscular and brawny! He always has to find some hidden
interpretaions and not just take something at face value whenever he watches a movie, and he always
has to add so much asparagus to his lunch and I just want to POW him in the kisser and send him flying to the moon!

Romano: *breathes heavily* He's one terrible potato-eating bastard.

Italy: He may be all brawny and he is scary when he's angry, but he always comes to my rescue and he's very reliable!

Romano: Hmph!

Italy: And Japan may be a bit strange, but he's praised the artwork in my home, he doesn't get angry easily,
and he's an overall nice gu-

Romano: That's enough! Do you want to go to sleep or not? Stop talking so much and lie down. I'm continuing.

Italy: O-Ok...

*Counts until 4:25. Counts 30 sheep.*

Romano: *yawn* Man, I'm already bored of counting sheep, damn it! Why does it have to be sheep, anyways!?
You can count something else and it'd still be okay, cazzo!

Italy: Oh, that's a good question... Hmm... Well, sheep are definitely fluffy, soft, and feel good.
I think that the more sheeps you count, the more you'll be surrounded by their fluffy and soft wool,
and then you'll feel really relaxed and fall asleep.

Romano: I want to drive a quill pen into your face and see if ink comes out. *sigh* I'm taking a leak.

Italy: Hmm. It's a shame I forgot to ask why it was sheep.

Romano: Shut up! I never liked theories anyways, idiot! If you keep running your mouth, the siesta will be over!

*counts until 6:22. Counts 40 sheep.*

Italy: *yawns* Hehehe~...

Romano: You really have no idea how much trouble you're making to your older brother, my stupid little brother.
Stupid, stupid. Stop making that weird face, stupid.

Italy: I can't help it. We don't really do things like this together, right? I feel sort of happy now!

Romano: W-What's gotten into you? Anyways, we don't do stuff like this because you keep getting friendly with those Axis guys!
Especially that Germany guy. No matter how much you praise him, I'm never gonna accept him!

Italy: Come on, bro. You're getting a whole lot of Germans visiting your home too, you know? Try and be friendly with him!

Romano: Shut up... I'm already fed up with them coming here and sightseeing at my place.

Italy But... Oh...*yawn*

Romano: Look, you're already starting to get sleepy now, so stop with the talking already. I'm continuing. Listen up.

*Counts until 8:40. Counts 50 sheep.*

Italy: *ve-snore*

Romano: He's finally asleep... Damn it, why am I doing something this embarassing.... Stupid... stupid....

Italy: *

Romano: *sigh* And you just had to make a tense sleeping face, rotten one. I wonder how much I really...

Italy: Oh... big brother.

Romano: God damn it. Well, I guess doing stuff like this is nice once in a while...

Romano: Yeah, like hell it is! God damn you, my spoiled brother! Son of a bitch!

Track 3: "Chigii! I can't sleep!"

Romano: *sighs* Damn it...

Italy: *hums Hatafutte Parade* Wait, huh? Bro's bedroom light is on! I wonder if he's still awake.

Romano: *groans* Damn it... *more groans* CHIGII! I can't sleep!

Italy: Big bro? You still awake?

Romano: That you, Veneziano? This doesn't involve you!

Romano: Just hurry up and go to that metal muscle bastard's place already!

Italy: *concerned Vee*

*closes door*

Italy: What's wrong? Are you angry at something?

Romano: It's nothing.

Italy: But you look like you're in pain. Does something hurt?

Romano: It's nothing like that. It's just...*sigh* I missed out on today's siesta. I figured I'd be tired,
but I guess because I missed out on my usual siesta, I'm restless and I can't sleep.

Italy: Vee! That's right! This is my fault!

Romano: Got that right! This is all your fault, you little shithead!

Italy: *scream* But it is true that this happened because I asked you to count sheep for me... I'm sorry.

Romano: Ahhh? Ahhhhhh!? Hmph! I don't wanna look at your jerk face so whatever!

Italy: Hmm? I got it! I'll count sheep for you this time!

Romano: Huh!? Don't need it! I'm not falling asleep to any method that you heard from the spud-eater!
Don't bump me into the same class as you!

Italy: We'll sleep together and I'll count for you! Rustle rustle rustle rustle.

Romano: I said I don't need it! And don't go into my bed like you own it!

Italy: Hehe! It's been a long time since we slept together! Let's be careful not to let our curls
get tangled together this time!

Romano: Of course I will! I've already had enough of asking help from that bastard!

Italy: Come on, bro! I'm gonna start now. Time to sleepy sleep!

Romano: Yeah, yeah. Well, get started already!

Italy: Understood, bro sir!

Track 4: "I'm gonna count now~!"

Italy: Here I count!

*Counts until 0:53. Counts 10 sheep.*

Italy: Hey, hey, bro! Am I good at counting? Am I?

Romano: You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! You really shuck!

Italy: No way!

Romano: I'm a tolerant person though, so I'll allow your sucky counting to continue! Be grateful, rotten one!

Italy: Hooray! All right, I'm gonna put in everything I got into my counting, bro sir!

*Counts until 2:12. Counts 20 sheep.*

Italy: Hey hey, bro! Feeling sleepy? Are ya, are ya?

Romano: I'm feeling sleepy because I'm making me sleepy. My sleepiness is not related to your counting!
My sleepiness is all me, damn it! Dam...n i...

Italy: Hooray! All right, I'm going to continue now, bro sir!

*Counts until 3:34. Counts 30 sheep.*

Italy: Vee! I just remembered something that happened in Germany's house!

*Romano snores*

Italy: You listening, bro?

*Romano snores*

Italy: Come on, bro!

Romano: I'm going to rip your balls off, you bastard!

*Girly Veneziano scream*

Romano: You keep spouting stuff like, *Veneziano impression* "Am I good?" *own voice* AND, *Veneziano impression*
"Feeling sleepy?" *own voice* How am I suppose to sleep if you keep trying to talk to me?!
Are you an idiot?! CHIGIIII!

Italy: I-I'm sorry, big bro! I'll continue counting so don't be angry!

Romano: If you're gonna count, count.

Italy: Okay! I'll give it my all one more time!

*Counts until 5:39. Counts 40 sheep. Italy yawns at 5:00.*

*Italy drifts into sleep.*

Romano: Stupid little shitheeaadd. How am I gonnna sleeeep if you fall asleeepp, you jeeerk....

Italy: Ve?! I-I'm not sleeping!

Romano: *frustrated noises followed by a yawn and a snore*

Italy: Ohhh! Bro's looks like he's ready to fall asleep now! All right, I'm almost there! Let's get moving, sheep!

*Counts until 7:31. Counts 50 sheep*

Romano: *snores and makes sleep grunts*

Italy: Bro? Brooo?

Romano: *sleep mumbling*

Italy: Big bro... you're finally asleep, right?

Romano: *snores* ...ou jer...

Italy: I did it! I knew I could help out my bro somehow! But... Vee... I think I'm ready...to go sleepy sleep now....

Italy: Good night.

Italy: *ve-snore*

Track 5: "It'd be better if you took siestas~!"

Italy: Some month, some day. All the usual countries are all gathered here now for a world conference. Today's conference
topic is about sleeping problems. It seems that people all around the world are having trouble falling asleep lately. That's
why all of us are going to talk about it and find a good solution to this problem! I'm a real pro when it comes to sleeping,
so I'm giving it my all today!

Italy: Here! I'll put in my say! Now then, insomnia means you can't fall asleep at night, right? Well I think having a
relaxing siesta might make up for that!

Romano: And that suggestion is pretty much worthless for countries without siestas. Rejected.

Italy: Huh?! There are actually places who don't have siestas?

Romano: This siesta thing started as a custom thing in Spain's home. Of course there'd be a lot countries
who wouldn't do it.

Italy: I see! You sure know a lot, bro! But if you take a siesta, you feel so energized and good afterwards. I wonder why
everyone doesn't do it. Do you know, bro?

Romano: Ummm... I think I might have heard the reason why we have a siesta from Spain a long time ago.

Italy: Ohh, I didn't even think of something as obvious as why we have a siesta in the first place! Why do we have one, bro?

Romano: Your stupidity made me forget it.

Italy: No way!

Romano: *sigh* A siesta is an afternoon nap that you take from 1 P.M to about 4 P.M. It's DAMN hot during that time.
It's really damn hot during that time in Spain's place. Our place is the same too, right?

Italy: That's right. It's so hot that you might even sizzle out there.

Romano: That's why it's much more effective to sleep during the really hot afternoons and go back to work at around dusk when things
get cool. That's what it looks like, anyways.

Italy: Ohh, there was actually a reason to have a siesta.

Romano: There are plenty of places who don't share our climate and don't take a siesta. That's why your siesta solution
isn't that great.

Italy: I see... What a shame.

Italy: Germany, Germany! Won't you try having a siesta in your home? Maybe you can think of other good sleeping methods.

Romano: Hey!

Italy: O-oww...owwieowwowwoww.

Romano: You listening?! If you talk to that muscle for brains pimple giant again, I'm going to stamp a nice, permanent
red circle on your face with this cup!

Italy: But...

Romano: But what?

*Italy breaks free*

Italy: But Germany is so wise. I think he could come up with a better solution than what we came come up with!

Romano: What's this "we" business?! I've already thought of a useful and perfect method to fall asleep right now!

Italy: Really?! What is it, huh?

Romano: Huh? Ahhh... Now then... It goes... Sort of like... Ummm...

Italy: Bro...

Romano: What the hell's up with that face, you bastard?! Come here!

Italy: Owwie! That hurts, bro! Save me, Germany.

Romano: Take this and that, bastard!


Track 6: "A Good Night's Sleep with Veneziano."

Italy: Huh, what's wrong?

*answer pause*

Italy: Uh0huh. I see. It must be tough to not be able to sleep. I had trouble sleeping not too long ago, too.
I was having trouble sleeping during my siesta, but my bro counted sheep...

Italy: *light bulb* That's it! Did you know that if you count sheep when you can't sleep, you'll fall asleep in a few
moments? Would you like me to count sheep for you?

*answer pause*

Italy: Hehehe~, you don't need to be shy. I'll count for you, so close your eyes now. Here I go!

*Counts until 1:29. Counts 10 sheep.*

Italy: Sheep are so fluffy and adorable. Not only are they cute, but the cheese made from sheep's milk is delicious.
You usually use goat cheese when making the pasta sauce for Carbonara, but if you use sheep cheese it still tastes
great. If you haven't eaten it like that before, do you wanna eat some with me next time?

*date accepted pause*

Italy: Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot that I was counting sheep for you! I'm going to continue now!

*Counts until 2:55. Counts 20 sheep.*

Italy: Oh, are you starting to feel sleepy? Ehehe~, this is more effective than I thought. Germany taught me about sheep

*question pause*

Italy: Hmm? Does Germany make me feel uneasy? Let's see... well, he is all brawny, strict, and pretty scary. But he
always helps me, he only adds a little bit of salt in everything he eats, he keeps his kicthen all clean and sparkly,
and he always ties my bootlaces! He's a serious and nice guy!

Italy: Why, just the other day I... Oops, looks like I was talking a bit too much. You looked like
you were having fun listening so I got caught up. We can't have you staying awake though! Time for the sheep!

*Counts until 4:58. Counts 30 sheep. Tired vee at 4:30.*

Italy: Vee...

*Wake up!*

Italy: Oh! Looks like I got caught napping! Whenever I sheep count, I always get sleepy. But I promise
that I'll count my hardest until you're sound asleep!

*Concerned reply*

Italy: Ehehe~,it's all right! Just leave it to me! Just close your eyes, take a nice, deep breath, and listen to
my sheep counting.

*Counts until 7:57. Counts 50 sheep.*

Italy: 51 sheep...

*insert imaginary snoring here*

Italy: Hmm? Heey. Oh, looks like you're sound asleep! I'm glad! Have a relaxing sleep and a good morning tomorrow.
I hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Now then, I'll be going home now. Sogni d'oro! Sweet dreams!

Track 7: "A Good Night's Sleep with Romano."

Romano: What the hell? Why am I here?

*reply pause*

Romano: Huh? You can't sleep? Like I care! What the hell do you want me to do?

*answer pause*

Romano: No, but why do I have to count sheep to you anyways?

*stink eye*

Romano: What?


Romano: Hey!

*more complaining and shouting*

Romano: *sighs* Fine, I got you. You're not Veneziano now so quit the loud screeching now! I'm ending this ASAP and going
home. Now go and lie down somewhere, you bastard.

*Counts until 1:22. Counts 10 sheep.*

Romano: Huh? What are you looking at? If you really wanna fall asleep that bad, then put your back into it! I'm counting for you
because you said you couldn't sleep! You know that, right? Now hurry up and close your eyes.

*close eyes*

Romano: Good. Nice and tight. I'm continuing, damn it.

*Counts until 2:23. Counts 20 sheep.*

Romano: GO TO SLEEP, YOU BASTARD! I'm even counting sheep to you right now! Speaking of, everyone keeps saying to count sheep but why does it
have to be sheep?! What's wrong with counting pizza or tomatoes instead?!


Romano: That's right. It's not like I have to count sheep. Counting sheep does not match me at all. I've decided.
I'm going to count tomatoes instead.

*(imaginary) complaint pause*

Romano: You shut up! I'll count whatever the hell I want!

*another (imaginary) complaint pause*

Romano: What's with you? If you've got a problem, I'm not counting jack! Just be quiet and listen, you moron.

*Counts until 3:55. Counts 30 delicious tomatoes.*

Romano: Now you're finally getting sleepy huh, ya little SOB! This is embarrassing so hurry up and fall asleep, and forget
this ever happened, you moron!


Romano: Still, this tomato counting seems to be more effective than sheep counting. Figures an idea I came up with would work.
Anything I think up is gold compared to what others think up, ya jerk! Tomatoes really are great. Ahh, now I feel like
eating a pizza.

*question pause*

Romano: Huh? I can't eat one now! I have to put you to sleep first. Now stop the talking and go to sleep!

*Counts until 6:25. Counts 50 delicious tomatoes.*

Romano: Hmph, sound asleep! Damn, you were a handful to deal with, ya jerk! Well, that was embarrassing.
This has to be the uh... let's see... about the 200th time I've dealt with something embarrassing since I was born.
There was that one time I wet the bed, that time I got blasted off, and how was I suppose to know there was
an old man behind me?! *sighs* You worked me hard today, ya jerk! I'll go drink some wine and go to sleep early.

Romano: *yawns* Buona Notte!

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