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(Drama CD) Hetalia x A Good Night's Sleep with Sheep CD Volume 2 Translation Complete!

Or Germany talks in very long paragraphs.

Link to the first 3 Counting Sheep CD's. (Thanks again, talon_strike ,for uploading them!)

Translation for Volume 1 of the Hetalia x Sheep Counting CD's (Italy & Romano):

Two down, seven (I'll do the Sealand CD if someone uploads it.) more to go!

This CD covers Prussia being awesome and trying to put Germany to sleep and vice versa, Germany sharing tips on how to tune your circadian rhythm (biological clock) so that you'll lead a systematic sleep schedule, and Germany and Prussia doing a personal count just for you fangirls or boys.

The entire transcript of the CD is just below! Enjoy and have a very happy New Year!

Here's the translation DL for the entire volume. If you want to use my translation, for any reason, all I ask is that you credit me. Otherwise, go nuts!

Track 1 - "Let me act like a big brother to you once in a while!"

Germany: Honeybee CD Collection!

Prussia: Hetalia x Sleeping by Counting Sheep Series Volume 2!

GerPru: "Health Always Comes First! A Systematic Way to a Good Night's Sleep!"

*Germany working*

Germany: *sigh* No matter how much I finish, the work never ends.Hmm? Looks like brother's finally home. He's home pretty late though.
I wonder if he went off somewhere.

Prussia: YO, WHAT UP, WEST? I'm home!

Germany: Welcome home.

Prussia: Woah, you're still working this late at night?

Germany: Yeah. I asked to keep track of Italy's movements and all these papers reached my office.

Prussia: Oh yeah! Speaking of Italy, I just visited his place not too long ago!

Germany: So you were in Italy all this time, huh? That explains why you're home late, brother.

Prussia: When I got there, I saw the two Italian brothers lying down in a garden. I was wondering what they were doing so I took a closer look.
When I did, I saw the elder brother counting sheep to the little brother! Doesn't that just give you a big warm and fuzzy feeling?

Germany: Elder brother? Ohh, you must mean South Italy, right?

Prussia: Correct! He was counting sheep to him and everything!

Germany: Now that I think about it, I do remember discussing with Italy about counting sheep and its sleep-inducing effects.

Prussia: Those Italian brothers really are awesome, aren't they? I'll talk to them next time!
Let's go to Italy together when that time comes, West! And then we can pick up some chow there too!

Germany: Yeah, that sounds good.

Prussia: And then when we go back, we can chow down on some great pastries at the prissy boy's house.

Germany: Yeah, that sounds good.

Prussia: Hey, are you listening to me, West?

Germany: Yes, I am.

Germany: *straightens papers* All right.

Prussia: And then after that... *yawn*

Germany: It's already late, brother. It would be best if you get some sleep.

Prussia: *yawn* It is pretty late. I think I'll do just that.

*walks off*

Prussia: Hmm? You're not going to sleep?

Germany: Hmm? Oh yes. I've got a pile of work stacked up here so I thought I'd finish up a few more before I go to sleep.

Prussia: Geez...

Germany: Oh, and one more thing, brother.

Prussia: Hmm?

Germany: I've been noticing more weird objects popping up in the living room again... They get in the way of the cleaning so please
show restraint and don't take the-

Prussia: WESTTTTT!

Germany: W-What is it?

Prussia: You should drop the work and sleep for today! And I'll do just like the oldes-, no,
Eldest Italy brother and count sheep for you!

Germany: Brother... You're intentionally trying to change the subject at hand, aren't you?
I'm talking about the living room now...

Prussia: Aww, don't be shy now! I can do some big brother stuff for you once in a while!

Germany: *sigh* In any case, please refrain from bringing home any nook and cranny you see!

Prussia: Now that that's settled, let's be on our merry way!

Germany: Good grief, you're not gonna listen to me at the moment, are you?

Prussia: What are you mumbling about there? Come on!

Germany: Brother! What are you trying to do!?

Prussia: Wow, talk about obvious question! You should really listen to people when they're talking!

Germany: I think you're the one who needs to listen to people when they're talking!

Prussia: As I said, I'm going to count sheep for you so that your tired, weary body can get some sleep!

Germany: *sigh* I understand what you're trying to say, but I still have work to finish!


Germany: Hey, brother! Don't grab my arm! You've seen all the work on top of my desk, right? I have to finish all of that by tomorrow!

Germany: Brother!? Hey! BROTHERR!

Prussia: *Prussian overlord laugh*

Track 2 - "I'm counting for ya so go to sleep!"

Prussia: All right! Snug as a bug in a rug!

Germany: *sigh* Brother... I'm going to say this one more time so listen carefully. I still have work t-

Prussia: Now listen and revel at my awesomely crazy cool sheep counting!

Germany: *sigh* I'll just have to play along for the moment. Knowing him, he should be bored of this as soon as he counts a few.

Prussia: Oh yeah! Here I go!

Prussia: One awesome sheep over the fence! Two awesome sheep over the fence! Three awesome sheep over the fence!
Four awesome sheep over the fence! Five awesome sheep over the fence! Six awesome sheep over the fence!
And then there's seven, eight, nine, and ten awesome sheep over the fence!

Prussia: HOW'S THAT, WEST? I bet you're ready to to go to Dreamland anytime now!

Germany: My eyes are wide open now and I want to go back to work.

Prussia: Ahh~, figures that 10 sheep wouldn't put you to sleep. The Italy brothers also counted a bit more than that.

Germany: Brother... Don't you think there's another problem besides the number of sheep?

Prussia: Huh? And what would the problem be?

Germany: Well, I think there's no way a normal human would actually fall asleep if you yell your count at them at close range.

Prussia: Really? Well, you should fall asleep if you just close your eyes and just be calm and quiet.

Germany: That's right. "Just be calm and quiet.", all right...

Prussia: oh... Well, if that's what you want West, then I can adjust my counting to your needs! Here I go!

*Counts until 2:00. Counts 19 sheep.*

Prussia: 20 sheep over the fence. HAWEKACHOOYAHEY!

Germany: Whoa! Are you all right, Brother?

Prussia: I sneezed and now I'm bored out of my skull!

Germany: Hey!

Prussia: I leave the rest to you, West!

Germany: Don't give me your job!

Prussia: Aww well, I'll continue if you insist, my spoiled little brother.

Germany: Aren't you the one who insisted on counting to me?

Prussia: That's true, but...

*cheep cheep*

Prussia: Huh?

*Cheep cheep*

Prussia: You hear something?

Germany: Yes. It's the chick that hangs around you. He's right on your head.

Prussia: Woah, you're right! Ohhh~! I just love petting the little guy. It just feels great. Speaking of petting, I bet it'd feel
really awesome to pet a sheep since they're all fluffy!

Germany: I'd have to agree with you there.

*cheep cheep cheep*

Prussia: *laughs* You don't need to worry, little guy. You'll always be top animal! Oh! I've got a great idea, West!
Since we're counting here, let's count chicks instead of sheeps!

Germany: ...Do you really think that'll be effective?

Prussia: Never know until you try, right? Lie down now! I'm going to count!

*Chicks in Birdo's nest count. Counts until 4:06. The cheeping and count stops at 30 chicks*

Prussia: Being surrounded by fluffy sheep while you're sleeping sounds good and all,
but I think it'd feel really good to sleep surrounded by chicks too, West.

Germany: Chicks, huh? They look so soft and fragile. I'm afraid I might accidentally crush them.

Prussia: Oh, don't worry about that. Chicks aren't that squishy! Right?


Prussia: Huh? Where'd the little guy go?

Germany: He flew away somewhere while you were in the middle of counting.

Prussia: I see... Hmm? You actually seem even more awake now than before, West!

Germany: Yes. A small bit of fatigue is gone now because I was able to lie down.

Prussia: Figures that only counting sheep would work if you want to fall asleep. Oh well.
Guess I'll go back to doing it the old fashioned way.

*Counts until 6:18. Counts 40 sheep.*

Prussia: *loud laugh* My awesome counting style really is too cool to be true!

Germany: Have you had enough, brother? I really want to get back to work.

Prussia: What are you saying? I said I'd count sheep for you until you're sound asleep!

Germany: As I've said many times before, I still have work to do. I can't afford to sleep no-

Prussia: Stop right there! Aren't you the one who told Italy and everyone around you that,
"Always live a correct and systematic lifestyle! A systematic good night's rest should always be a part of it!"
And you're just the exception? Aren't you just undermining yourself a bit too much by doing that?

Germany: Even if I don't get sufficent sleep, I'll never show an opening to the enemy.
I understand my own limits, so I'll be just fine.

Prussia: No, you don't understand limits. Once you do reach your actual limits, you really will be at the end of your line.
If you keep using up your energy like this, you'll just end up being a handicap.

Germany: Brother... But w-

Prussia: Alright! Enough with the talk and snug yourself back into bed now! On my awesome name, I will count you to sleep!

Germany: Whoa!

Prussia: Here I go!

*Resumes counting until 8:54. Counts up to 50 sheep*

Prussia: He's finally gotten quiet, it seems. Sleeping now, West?

Germany: Negative.

Prussia: WOAH! What the heck, you're still awake!?

Germany: Yes. But that small rest did get rid of a lot of my fatigue.

Prussia: Oh, really!? All right, let's continue!

*Germany walks off*

Prussia: Hey! Where are you going?

Germany: I'm sorry, brother. I just have to go back to work. I really do feel better now. Thank you very much.

Prussia: Still stubborn as ever. I wonder who he took after? *laughs* Ah well.

Track 3- "I don't think the original purpose was just to count sheep..."

Prussia: Hey, West!

Germany: What is it?

Prussia: It's not fair that only I have to count for you! Now it's your turn! You have to count for me!

Germany: Huh!? What's this not fair thing about!? Aren't you the one who just up and started counting to me?
And turns? *sigh* I don't think the original purpose was just to count sheep to people.
It was to help people fall asleep.

Prussia: Oh, it's all right! I know that my too-cool-for-this-earth counting act is hard to follow up on,
but counting sheep should be a snap for someone like you! You'll do great!

Germany: You're not going to listen to a single word I say about this subject at the moment, are you?

Prussia: What's wrong? If you're nervous about this, then I can pass down my mysteriously awesome ultimate
counting secrets to you personally!

Germany: There's no secrets about how to count things well!

Prussia: All right, I'm all ready now!

Germany: Hey! Why are you using my bed without my permission!?

Prussia: Oh, stop being such a stick in the mud! I'll be sure to go back to my bed when you feel tired!

Germany: You're not going to give up my bed anytime soon, are you?


Germany: Okay, I'll count, I'll count for you so settle down! You're going to wrinkle the sheets!

Prussia: All right! That's my awesome little brother for ya!

Germany: I have no choice. I'll just have to put him to sleep ASAP and get back to work.

Track 4 - "All right, I guess I'll count off now..."

Germany: I do understand the concept, but I haven't exactly counted in an actual situation like this.
There's no guarantee I'll be able to count well.

Prussia: I know, I know! Come on now, hurry up and count!

Germany: Okay then...*clears throat*

Germany: *whip crack* COUNT OFF!

Germany: Sheep #1! Over that fence!

Germany: Sheep #2! Over that fence!

*continues until 0:49. 10 sheep soldiers went over the fence.*

Germany: Sheep #1-

Prussia: No no, West! That's all wrong!

Germany: Hmm? What's the matter, brother?

Prussia: West...You're not in the middle of a training drill now! You're trying to count someone to sleep here!
Try to act more like, uh, Italy when you're counting!

Germany: Brother...Think about that for a moment. Can you really imagine me acting and counting like Italy?

Prussia: That's, uh... a big negative.

Germany: Right?

Prussia: Well then, you don't have to act like Italy, but try counting more in a yawny or sleepy tone of voice.

Germany: A sleepy tone, huh? That sounds a bit difficult.

Prussia: Well, just give it a try. I'm sure it'll have a different effect if you stop counting in the angry roll call voice.

Germany: Understood. *clears throat*

*Counts until 2:20. Counts 20 sheep.*

Germany: How was that?

Prussia: Well... It's definitely better than before, but you could try to sound like you're having fun counting.

Germany: That's easier said than done. How should I go about doing it and what would be an appropriate tone?

Prussia: Good point... How about...counting in rhythm!

Germany: Ah... So if I were to focus on the length of my pronunciations, I can also easily adjust my tone of voice and rhythm to create a relaxing and harmonius count.

Prussia: When you put it like that, I can't exactly picture you having fun.

Germany: So what should I do?

Prussia: I got it! I bet if you count your favorite foods or something, you'd get psyched up!

Germany: Favorite foods, huh? Counting like that would certainly make someone motivated to count!

Prussia: Right? Give it a shot!

Germany: Understood!

Germany: 21 wursts in the kitchen!

Germany: 22 wursts in the kitchen!

*Counts until 3:36. 25 wursts ready to be eaten.*

Germany: I see now! Counting like this certainly is more enjoyable than counting sheep!

Germany: 26 bottles of beer!

Germany: 27 bottles of beer!

*Counts until 4:03. There are 30 bottles of unopened beers on the wall*

Prussia: Hey, West.

Germany: What is it, brother?

Prussia: I'm getting *stomach growl* really, really hungry.

Germany: Me too.

Prussia: Figured as much! My tummy wants some beer and wursts in it now! I'm going to the kitchen for a bit.
You want some too, right?

Germany: Yes! I bought some wurst today that I heard was delicious so bring that u-

*shock pause*

Germany: Hold on a minute, brother!

Prussia: Huh?

Germany: You're not going to go to sleep?

Prussia: Oh, don't worry about that! Let's chow down on some midnight snacks instead!

Germany: No! I have to finish what I started! Brother, go back into bed.

Prussia: Man... You get serious about things at the weirdest times.

Germany: It's a bad habit to do things and just stop half-way. I always finish whatever I start.
Forget about eating something now.

Prussia: All right, all right. I'm going back to bed.

Prussia: There. This should be good, right?

Germany: Yes. There's no problem.

Prussia: But we should stick to counting sheep from now on. The other way just gets us hungry.

Germany: You're right. Well then, *cough* I'm resuming.

*Counts until 6:19. Counts 40 sheep.)

Prussia: Hearing your deep voice counting so relaxed like this can certainly make a person sleepy.

Germany: Hmm? Is that really so?

Prussia: Yeah...Sleepy~...

Germany: Well, it is pretty late. It's only natural to feel tired.

Prussia: Ahh...

Germany: Hmm? Brother...Your blanket's off. If you don't cover up properly, you'll catch cold.

Prussia: There's no way I'll catch a cold if I leave it off like this. I'm not that weak. *yawn*

Germany: Never mind that and cover up. Listen, brother. If you don't take precautions for colds, you'll end up catching one.
It's especially easy to catch one sleeping because your body's vitality is low. While you sleep, your throat gets dehydrated and your body temparture
goes down while you sleep. By the way, did you even wash your hands properly when you returned home? They say that the hand is the source of all diseases in Japan!

Prussia: AHHHHHH! FINE, I GOT YOU ALREADY! I'LL PUT ON MY BLANKET! Ahh, God, you're so freakin' strict!

Germany: You're just being too careless, brother.

Prussia: But... this blanket really does feel warm.

Germany: Right?

Prussia: This feels...so good. I got to eat great food...and I get to sleep in such a warm andsoft bed...I'm a bit...too happy now~.

Germany: Brother... Looks like he'll be sleeping anytime now. I guess it's time to finish up.

* Counts until 9:53. Counts 50 sheep.*

Prussia: *snore*

Germany: Sound asleep... Good grief... Well, I should go back to work.

Prussia: West...

Germany: Brother, you're awa-

Prussia: West... Don't push yourself so much... 38 chicks... in the nest~...*laughs*

Germany: I should sleep for today... Still, he tells me to go to sleep and yet he ends up sleeping in my bed.
What am I going to do with you, brother?

Germany: Oh well, I guess I'll have to borrow my brother's bed tonight.

Germany: Good night... brother.

Track 5 - "Sleeping Habits also Require Regulation."

Germany: A certain month on a certain day. The countries of the world, including me, are currently holding a world conference
in an assembly hall of a certain country. Due to the recent increase in cases of insomnia happening throughout the world,
today's topic of discussion concerns this very problem and how to solve it. But... There's more than a few people here that
are helpless on this subject. I wonder how all this will turn out considering that the Italy brothers talked immediately...
No, I should expect a productive opinion from the two of them.


Germany: Oh enough, this is annoying! Would the two of you quiet down!?

Prussia: So the Italy brothers take a siesta, huh? Nap's really are great! I think it's a bit of a waste to nap during the warmest
and most productive part of the day, though.

Germany: With the climate in Spain and Italy's home, taking a nap during that time is much more productive and effective.
With our home's climate, adopting a designated time for a siesta might prove to be ineffective in the end.

Prussia: I got ya now.

Germany: Well then, allow me to state my opinion on this subject.

*Military music plays*

Germany: It's important to have your own personal customs, habits, and weekly schedules to keep, but a proper, systematic lifestyle is an absolutely
essential foundation to build these upon. It's due to a disorderly lifestyle that this period has fallen victim to insomnia.
I shall exemplify on what a "systematic lifestyle" is. To begin with, sleep is one of the essential needs for
the human body, but the importance of sleeping seems to have relative importance depending on a person.Days without
sleep can induce hallucinations and cause complications with your mental health. It is even said that going a week without sleep
can lead to death.

Prussia: Forcing someone to stay awake is a relatively standard form of torture too.

Germany: Ahem. Therefore, it is imperative to choose your sleeping period carefully. Our daily life cycle affects our entire
being, so we must look over it again! First, make sure that you wake up every day at the same time. A definite time to awaken
in the morning tunes and adjusts your circadian rhythm, or your biological clock, well. Appropriately, doing the reverse
throws it out of rhythm. If your wake up time is not consistant, your biological clock shall also be inconsistant, and it shall
impede you when it comes time to sleep.

Prussia: Holidays are different, right? You can sleep anytime you want then!

Germany: No! Your biological clock makes no exceptions for any day, be it a normal day or a holiday. Waking up late just because
it's a holiday throws your biological clock in disorder, and it will have a considerable effect once you return to your
normal schedule.

Prussia: Wouldnt it be better if you get more sleep then?

Germany: Brother, I'm not saying that making your sleep time longer is any better. Sufficient sleeping time varies for each
individual, after all. For every person that says 3 hours of sleep is all they need, there's a person who will say that 10 hours of sleep
is perfect for them. Every person holds their own personal sleep times that they keep. That's why extending your sleep time might
not be any better for someone.

Prussia: So too much or too little sleep time is a big no-no. This is kind of a pain.

Germany: On that note, if sunlight hits you when you wake up, it is said to have a tuning effect on an inconsistant
biological clock. I'd recommend doing that.

*Prussia's stomach growls*

Prussia: I'm getting hungry now. Can't we end the meeting now?

Germany: That's right. Diatery habits also have a great effect on your biological clock.

Prussia: Uh, that's not what I meant, West! I meant that I'm hungry now and I want to get a bite to eat somewhere...

Germany: Of course, having three meals a day is the standard that you should upkeep! However, the meal you must
give special attention to is your breakfast for it plays a big part in your biological clock! Breakfast causes the biological
clock within your stomach to awaken. Therefore, this is a meal you must not skip! On the other hand, eating anything after
dinner throws your circadian rhythm off so refrain from snacking after dinner as much as possible. If you really have to eat
something, then be sure to eat something light! One more thing!

Prussia: *sighs* He always gets so long-winded every time he gets on his soapbox. Go on to the next one please. Oh, I wonder
if the rich boy's home has any good sleeping methods? I bet it has something to do with music, as always!

Track 6 - "A Good Night's Sleep with Germany"

Germany: Hmm? Are you the one who requested me to count sheep to you because you couldn't fall asleep.

*affirmative pause*

Germany: Good. Then let me hear your reason as to why you can't fall asleep!

*huh pause*

Germany: *whip crack* Just hurry up and answer me! This is a vital and required question! Without a clear and concise reason
as to why you became in this state of unrest, you'll always resort to the ineffecient solution of relying on other's help when you cannot

*scared pause*

Germany: Ah, don't make that face. I am not giving you this advice out of hate for your actions or yourself. Listen. From this point on,
should you fall into this same state of unrest, there is always the chance that I will not be able to help you then. No matter
what happens, you must examine the situation calmly, and use your own abilities to solve it. I ask for that reason so I may
awaken that potential ability within you!


Germany: You understand, right? Very well, you shall have an assignment on how to overcome an obstacle. Should you find yourself
in this exact same state, you must use your own judgement to examine the situation, and create and utilize a solution!
That is all!

*music stops*

Germany: Hey now. what are you doing? Hurry and tuck yourself into bed.

*calm music plays*

Germany: I'm not going to leave just yet, so don't worry. I want you to take home a solution pertaining to this subject.
I do want you to learn for yourself, but I'll lend you my assistance just this once. Now, lie down and tuck yourself into bed!
When you are prepared, I will begin to count sheep!


Germany: Are you prepared?

*affirmative pause*

Germany: Well then, COMMENCE OPERATION!

*whip crack*

*Drill sergeant count. Counts until 2:28. Counts 10 sheep.*

Germany: Hmm, you still don't look tired. What's wrong? Is there something you want to say? If you don't, then lie back down
and close your eyes. Well, I've only counted 10 sheep. You'll fall asleep soon enough though. Are you ready? I'm going to resume.

*More drill sergeant count. Counts until 3;26. Counts 20 sheep.*

Germany: Huh? You don't look exhausted at all. Are you sure you want to go to sleep?

*hesitation reply pause*

Germany: As I've said before, what's wrong? If you have something to say to me, then just say it.

*Stop the drill sergeant count and blowing out my eardrums pause*

Germany: Huh? It's my counting style that's bothering you? I didn't really mean to act like I was running a drill, but
my brother said the same thing too. Understood. I shall put my efforts into making an appropriate sleep-inducing command.
Wait, I'm not commanding now. Sheep counting... Sheep counting...

*Counts until 5:16. Counts 30 sheep.*

*CD bed sounds*

Germany: Looks like you're finally feeling tired. That is good. I wasn't angry at you earlier about you being unable to sleep.
A relaxing night's sleep is necessary to have a good day tomorrow. You understand, right? Well, I did forget to practice
that a while back, though. A person desperately tried to get me to rest, and made me realize it all over again. Make sure
you don't do things that will make everyone around you worry. Of course, this is the pot calling the kettle black here.
Well then, I will resume counting.

*Counts until 8:52. Counts 50 sheep.*

Germany: That is all. Sleeping soundly, right? All right, mission complete. I hope that you'll be able to take care of yourself
when you can't fall asleep again. I guess I should go now. Gute Nacht.

Track 7 - "A Good Night's Sleep with Prussia"

Prussia: Just how awesome, oh awesome, I am? I am as awesome as awesome me can be!

*opens door*

Prussia: Yo, excuse me! Oh, you must be the poor soul who said you couldn't sleep! You certainly are a smart cookie to ask me
to count sheep to you! After all, I am the best sheep counter in the world! Kesesesese~! Now your ears shall listen to counting
as cool as a baby chick! You're definitely going to fall into that category! The category of sleeping after I count 10, no wait,
five sheep! Well, just leave everything to me! I plan to follow through with what I just said! I'll make sure you fall asleep,
no matter what it takes! Now then, are you ready to sleep?

*not yet pause*

Prussia: Oh, not yet? I see. That's fine. Mosey on into bed, now!

*into bed pause*

Prussia: Hey now, cover up with your blanket properly!

*It's okay pause*

Prussia: It's not okay! What are you gonna do if you caught a cold? Listen up! If you give a cold an inch, it'll take a mile!
When you don't get enough sleep, your body's, uh, your body's, uh, what was it, uh, your body's thingamabob gets weak and
it'll be easier to catch a cold! We can't have your body temparature going down too! In Japan, they say that, uhh, uhh, In Japan,
the cold is the source of the whatchamacallit... Oh yeah, now I remember! The cold is the source of all diseases... or something like that.
I got that one from my little brother some time ago. Well, I am just trying to remember this second-hand, but you should listen
to this advice! All right?

*puts blanket on entire body pause*

Prussia: Good, you're as snug as a bug! I'm counting now!

*Surprisingly calm count. Counts until 2:58. Counts 10 sheep.*

Prussia: How was that? Perfect, wasn't it? Oh, I understand just how you feel! You're trying your hardest to stay awake just to
hear my awesome counting! You've certainly done an excellent job to not sleep at 5 sheep! However, you should stop doing that for today
and get some sleep! I'm going to count again! All right, I'm putting you to sleep this time!

*Counts until 4:30. Counts 20 sheep.*

Prussia: All right, mission complete. Now then, I shall make an awesomely quiet ex-
Wait, how can you still be awake even after hearing my perfect counting?

*can't sleep pause*

Prussia: You can't sleep? Did you take too much naps or something? No? Then what is it?

*Overwork pause*

Prussia: I see. I guess you can be so tired that you end up wide awake. *sighs* Everyone never seems to listen
when someone says not to overwork. You should take things in moderation too. I will make you fall asleep! Come on,
close those eyes. I'm going on.

*Counts until 6:38. Counts 30 sheep.*

Prussia: Still not feeling tired, huh? *sighs* Hurry up and fall asleep. Sleep fast, wake fast, and eat a big, hearty breakfast in the morning!
That's standard, you know! Oh hey, do you know about maple syrup? It's a miracle syrup that will guarantee happiness and
blessings when you eat it! I received some of Canada's maple syrup and it is freakin' awesome! If you pour some on a
stack of pancakes, it's like pure heavenly happiness on a breakfast plate! Seriously, this is something I give
my full, awesome approval. I've happily obliged myself to keep spreading the word of maple syrup! You need to hurry and fall
asleep so you can eat a big, tasty breakfast! Okay?

*all right pause*

Prussia: Good! All right, I'll give it one more count!

*Counts until 10:12. Counts 50 sheep.*

Prussia: Speaking of breakfast, the pancakes that I put the maple syrup on were made by my little brother. The pancakes he
make are awes-

*rolls in bed*

Prussia: Oh. Already in Dreamland. I wonder if the breakfast talk actually worked. Man, talk about simple. Still, no one could
stay awake after hearing my awesome sheep counting! Now then, I guess I'll hit the road...


Prussia: Heh... Sleep tight. Gute Nacht.

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